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A Leap Above Fall Classes Sept 2nd

July 22, 2014 No Comments Zach News

Ballet–Pointe-Tap–Jazz-Creative–Tumbling–Hip Hop–INTENSITY-Toddler Time–Lyrical-WOW-Theater

A Leap Above is excited to be celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year! To celebrate, we have some great Anniversary Specials for registration! “Leap” in any Wednesday until August 20th, from 3-7pm to register Or, print the registration form off our website and mail it in with the coupon attached, postmarked by August 20th.

ALA is proud to offer classes for dancers of abilities in the community, whether recreational, competitive, or children/adults with special needs. We are excited to have Michele Kimball, Christy Godwin, Debra Dolan, Chris Madray & our newest teacher, Erin Cimino, returning to teach. We still have all of the classes that you have come to know and love all these years, but we are thrilled to offer additional new programs!

Improved Ballet Program –With the help of Erin Cimino, who has her BFA in Dance Performance & MA in Dance Education, all our levels are showing great improvement in ballet. We are looking forward to watching our dancers continue to learn and grow throughout the year!

New! Toddler Time- :45 min class to help your toddler socialize learns with music, basic tumbling, and a simple craft! Morning & evening classes available. (Age 12 months-24 months)

Works of Wonder- WOW is the new name of our Dance Movement Therapy Program! Our program has expanded to include adults and children with any disability, and is still available at no charge. The children’s classes will offer 2 time slots this year and a new Tumbling class. The new Adult class is an hour Tap/Jazz combo.

NEW! ALA INTENSITY- ALA is happy to introduce our NEW Hip Hop Team INTENSITY, under the direction of Christy Godwin. All dancers are welcome to audition. Dancers on the team will be required to take one additional class. Look for more information to come!

There has been an interest in having “Parent Morning Out” once a week. Parents would be able to drop their 18-36 months old off for an enjoyable morning out from 9am-12pm. If you would also be interested in attending, please email us at

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